Teething and how to cope

Teething and how to cope

What to Do when Your Baby gets Bitey!
Teething is one of those stages where you begin to realize babies will put literally anything (and I mean anything) in their mouths to chew on. As a result, teething can be a time of both great frustration but also great fun as you marvel at the creativity of your babies drive to chew! Teething starts most often around four to eight months with the lower front teeth and continues all the way up until 3 years of age when the back teeth (molars) begin to pull through. So you might be thinking, gosh, 3 years of crying, drooling, bad sleep and a host of other issues but fear not because we’re here to give you a breakdown of the main things to look out for and what to do to help soothe your little one!

Five Common Signs of Teething.

  •  Your baby drools like its sitting in front of the nicest meal ever. Now, babies drool at the best of times as I’m sure most of your favourite outfits have come to the painful realization of. That being said, if you child is in the age range to begin teething and you notice some extra drool, it can be one of the first signs of teething!
  • Their gums can appear swollen or bulging. It’s good to familiarize yourself with your little ones gums so you can notice the change. Pretty baby pink will be replaced with a roaring red colour (and probably a roaring cry to boot!)
  • Babies are…..temperamental at the best of times as much as we like to think our little angel is the most happy child on the planet! They may become cranky, unsettled, or clingier than usual! You would too if there was a tooth trying to push through your gum (remember wisdom tooth pain….yuck!)
  • Babies are surprisingly adept little problem solvers (baby proof isn’t always baby proof), and teething is no exception! You may notice your baby pulling, prodding, or rubbing their face or mouth to try find relief. However, keep in mind this can also be a potential nod to an ear infection so make sure and check the other aspects above first or consult your GP for further advice.
  • Finally, and the most common one gnaw or bite on anything they can get their hands on! The counter pressure from biting on things can help alleviate the feeling of teeth protruding through! Babies explore their world with their mouths just as much as their hands but this will likely escalate at the start of the teething stage!

Okay so we now know the signs of teething, but you might be going, “Yeah, great but what do I do about it”?. Well look no farther than these top tips to help your little one through this tough time!

Teething Tips

  1. Keep it cool under pressure! A a chilled teething ring can provide wonderous relief much the same way an ice pack soothes aching muscles! However, to avoid cavities and other nasty business avoid dipping these in any sugary substances. Food work as well, frozen yoghurts or some frozen berries! 
  2. Cuddling and affection goes a long way with a baby (well, everyone for that matter) and has been shown to alleviate discomfort as well as providing a distraction for your baby! Throw in some reading, singing, or anything else that occupies their mind!
  3. A soft baby comforter blanket can do wonders for providing your baby with a soft, chewable source of relief with the added benefit of the blanket catching all the baby drool instead of the nice outfit your mother in law bought them (got to keep the in-laws on side eh?!)
  4. Chewable comforting teething toys are soft, safe teethers with various textures and can do wonders to help soothe a baby's sore gums. If they are ergonomically designed, then even better for babies to hold easily. Some baby teethers are designed to be put in the fridge and then given as a cool chewable product for relief of sore gums. If all else fails, gently rub or massage the gums with your clean finger will also helps reduce the irritation along the gum!
  5. And last but not least; time. Teething doesn’t last forever and sometimes the best you can do is grin and bear it! It’s something every parent goes through and something every baby experiences differently but in the end you will get through it, look back and laugh! Keep smiling and keep rocking being a great parent!
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