Avent Natural electric baby bottle warmer

Avent Natural electric baby bottle warmer

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The new Philips Avent baby bottle warmer is the latest addition to the Avent range, helping to warm baby's milk safely and conveniently. The Avent bottle warmer gives your baby a perfectly warmed bottle every time, while preserving nutrients and vitamins found in breast milk. With sophisticated warming technology, the Avent bottle warmer ensures gentle and even warming in as fast as 3 minutes.

The sophisticated warming technology used by Avent in their baby bottle warmer, uses a water bath to warm milk gently and evenly. Milk is circulated as it heats to prevent hot spots, while the integrated sensor tracks and controls the milk's temperature to avoid overheating and ensure a perfect temperature is achieved every time. The water in the bottle warmer never exceeds 40°C meaning the quality of your milk is always maintained to give your baby a healthy, comfortable and satisfying feed. Philips Avent baby bottle warmer goes into a keep warm state once the right end temperature of your milk has been reached. It also automatically shuts off after 20 minutes, giving you the flexibility. Equipped with three different milk warming settings, the Philips Avent baby bottle warmer has been designed to suit your baby's individual feeding needs


  • Ensures gentle and even warming
  • Baby's bottle can be warmed in as fast as 3 minutes* 
  • Includes a defrost setting
  • Helps to preserve nutrients and vitamins of your milk
  • No overheating of your milk thanks to the integrated temperature sensor 
  • All Philips AVENT bottles and baby food containers can be used with this bottle warmer. 
  • Can also warm your baby food in a fast way.
  • Easy to operate with 3 settings
  • Auto shut off 

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