Baby Elegance Co Glide Electric Bedside Crib

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The Co-Glide by Baby Elegance is their most advanced crib yet. Designed primarily as a beautiful place for your little one to sleep for the first 6 months, it boasts a huge range of features. It helps improve sleeping patterns, makes feeding and soothing easier during the night and encourages baby-parent bonding. The Co-Glide is a fantastic 3 in 1 solution, use as a side-sleeping crib, stand-alone crib or as a travel crib using the travel bag included.

Bedside Co-Sleeping
The Co-Glide crib allows you to sleep next to your baby without being in the same bed. Your baby can safely sleep in the crib next to you, allowing you to respond quickly, whether it's feeding, changing or just needing some cuddles.

All-natural motion
The Co-Glide can also help newborns improve their sleeping pattern due to the built-in automatic glide function. The crib has 3 levels of glide designed to replicate the movement of a gentle glide as if they are in your arms. This can easily be set on a timer built into the crib or adjusted from the comfort of your bed with the handy remote control.

Soothing music
As if that wasn’t enough, the crib also has 3 built-in tracks including white noise to promote a calm sleeping environment. Choose these tracks or simply connect your phone or tablet to the Co-Glide visa Bluetooth and play a song of your choice.

Multi height
The crib can be tilted by five levels to help baby’s digestion, improve breathing, and reduce reflux. With two large mesh windows and breathable mattresses to help airflow through the crib.


  • Automatic glide function
  • 3 built-in songs/white noises
  • Bluetooth function for playing your own music 
  • Includes an anti-allergy fibre mattress
  • Glide timer
  • 5 level positions
  • Large storage basket, travel bag, drop side and bed straps included
  • Max Weight: 9 kg
  • Dimensions: 113 L x 55 W x 70 H cm

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