Baby Elegance isofix Plus base

Baby Elegance isofix Plus base

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The Baby Elegance isofix base ensures your Baby Elegance baby carseat is safely fitted on every trip you take. The Baby Elegance Isofix base is the easiest and most convenient way to fit your car seat, it also has lots of safety benefits. Using the Isofix system has shown to reduce the impact of force in an accident as well as reducing the risk of installing your car seat incorrectly.  

Most cars built over the past 10 years have ISOFIX fittings. Meaning your baby car seat fits directly to the structure of the car rather than securing it with a seat belt. The Baby Elegance carseat base suitable for the Bubble carseat, Beep carseat and Cúpla Carseat.


  • Directly and securing fits baby carseat into car
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Added safety benefits - isofix has shown to reduce impact in accidents
  • Less chance of installing baby's carseat incorrectly
  • Compatilble with the Baby Elegance range of baby carseats; Bubble, Beep and Cupla 

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