Carriwell Seamless Padded Nursing Bra - Black

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The Carriwell seamless padded nursing bra is ideal for mums. It has removable foam cups making it convenient for breastfeeding and daily life. The foam cups give added support and shape, without compromising the core elements of a great nursing bra -comfort, style, quality, fit and function. Maximum skin-to-skin contact between mum and baby whilst nursing has again been the focal point of the design.



  • Removable foam cups.
  • Ideal for concealing breast pads and reducing the risk of accidental milk flow/”leakage”.
  • Concealing the nipple/areola; which commonly darkens substantially during pregnancy.
  • Enhances shape; creating the perfect silhouette under t-shirts and tight-fitting clothing.
  • Increases support for full-busted-figures by reducing the fabric stretch in the cup area.
  • Gentle support of your sensitive, changing breasts; ideal for day and night use.
  • Soft cup style nursing bras are highly recommended by lactation consultants.
  • The stretchy; silky soft and breathable fabric moulds to your changing body.
  • Low cleavage design makes this bra ideal to wear with low-cut tops.
  • Complimentary bra extender adding to adjustability.
  • Wider, more supportive shoulder straps.
  • Easy to wash and care for.

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