Clevamama Baby Swaddle to Sleep - White

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The Clevamama swaddle to sleep is so snug that it helps to recreate the security and comfort of the womb so your baby can sleep more peacefully and for longer. The snug fit of this baby swaddle allows enough movement to be comfortable, while helping to prevent startle reflex, one of the main reasons your baby wakes during the night.

The Clevamama swaddle has adjustable wings grow with your baby. Medical research suggests that babies will sleep better and longer if they are swaddled.


  • Wrap and swaddle your baby for a peaceful night's sleep
  • Recreates the comforting security of the womb
  • Prevent startle reflex
  • Adjustable wings as baby grows
  • 100% soft cotton
  • Age: 0-3mths

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