Clevamama Newborn Tummy Time Mat

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Clevamama ClevaTummy Play Mat is designed to make "tummy time" more comfortable and enjoyable for your baby.

Made with ClevaFoam, it will support your baby by contouring to the natural shape of their little body. When playtime is over or your baby needs a little rest, you can place them on their back knowing that they are being supported by ClevaFoam.

Tummy time allows your baby to develop their upper body strenght and gross motor skills such as pushing up, rolling over, sitting up and crawling when the time comes. by gradually introducing a toy to make it more fun, this will stimulate their fine motor skills, such as hand to mouth coordination and their ability to pick up and minipulate small items.

It is important that your infant is given some time each day to lie on their stomach. This tummy time should take place when your infant is awake and alert. 

Toys not included.

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