Clippasafe Bag Clip

Clippasafe Bag Clip

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Clippasafe bag clips allow lightweight shopping bags to be hung from a pram or stroller's frame or handle, freeing up your hands, enabling you to keep them on the handles and in full control. These Clippasafe bag clips are for shopping bags or small handbags, and are invaluable little pieces of kit that ensure you can carry that extra bit of shopping when you need to.

The Clippasafe bag clips are a standard size and can be used on round or square profile frames or handles up to 27mm in diameter or width. Always make sure that you don't overload and overbalance your pram or stroller.


  • Enables you to hang lightweight shopping bags or small handbags from your baby's buggy
  • Keeps your hands free so you can keep full control of your buggy
  • Standard size that can be used on round or square frames and handles up to 27mm in diameter or width
  • Don't over load or over balance for safety of your child

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