Clippasafe universal infant carseat raincover

Clippasafe universal infant carseat raincover

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The Clippasafe baby car seat raincover will help parents to protect their baby from the elements when you have to move them between the car and the house. The infant carseat raincover is universal to fit on any baby carseat and will save mum and dad trying to hold an umbrella over baby on a rainy day.

As a car journey normally sends babies off to sleep, the last thing you want is for drops of rain to wake them up, resulting in a damp, irritable baby to dry off and calm down. the Clippasafe PVC raincover is easy pop on and take off so baby is warm and dry.


  • Universal - fits most baby carseats
  • Quick and easy to pop on and take of
  • Keeps baby warm and dry 
  • Vented for air circulation 

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