Maxi Cosi Coral and Familyfix 3 Base Bundle - Essential Graphite

Maxi Cosi Coral and Familyfix 3 Base Bundle - Essential Graphite

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Winner of the Innovation award 2019, the Maxi Cosi Coral is more practical and lighter than ever before! The unique design reduces the carrying weight of the infant baby car seat by 50%. It consists of two parts an inner soft carrier and a safety shell. With a button press, you can remove the soft carrier from the safety shell.

Designed to keep you close

With its innovative modular design, the Maxi-Cosi Coral is more than a car seat, it's a reinvented baby car seat that offers state of the art convenience. The Maxi-Cosi Coral is designed with split functionality and it gives new parents the freedom of having a detachable lightweight carrier with ergonomic inlay for optimal convenience and everyday mobility. A choice of ergonomic carry positions and padded, retractable handles give you more ways to keep you and your baby close. 


  • Suitable from birth to max weight of 13kg

  • Attach in the car with the seat belt or Familyfix/3 way fix base

  • Adjustable sun hood

  • Internal 3 point safety harness

  • Removable soft carrier (1.7kg weight)

  • Newborn inlay 

  • Removable and machine washable cover

  • Approved for use in aircraft

The Maxi Cosi family-fix 3 fits baby and toddler car seats for long time use. The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 enables a Click & Go installation for a correct and secure fit. The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 has been constructed to fit many seats allowing your baby to use the base for up to 4 years.

It also offers both a Click & Go and Slide & Go installation. The FamilyFix3 enables you to install the toddler car seat in rear-facing. For greater protection of your little one’s head and neck, experts recommend that your baby travels in the rear-facing position until he or she grows to 105 cm (approx. 4 years).


  • Compatible with:  Jade, Rock, Tinca i-size, Coral i-size, Pebble Pro i-Size, pearl pro-i-size, pearl smart i-size and Pearl Pro 2 i-Size
  • I-Size safety
  • Installation feedback
  • Easy installation
  • Longevity - use with your infant car seat and then with your next stage car seat 

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