Dr Brown's Options+ Deluxe Newborn Gift Set

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The Dr Brown's Options+ Deluxe Newborn Gift Set provides everything you need to start feeding your baby and makes an ideal gift. The enhanced design of Dr Brown’s Options+ Anti-Colic Bottle is clinically proven to reduce windy colic due to Dr Brown’s unique 100% vacuum-free vent system. Dr Brown’s Options+ bottles offer an easy and comfortable way to feed your little one, adapting to their needs as they grow. With the unique design, this bottle can be used with or without the removable internal vent system, transforming it into a teat-vented bottle for more convenience. The breast-like teat shape is correctly contoured for a proper latch and a more natural bottle-feeding experience, perfect for switching from breast to bottle and back again! Each teat is specially engineered to offer the same consistent natural flow, so you and your baby know what to expect in every feed.
  • Microwave steriliser with tongs
  • 3 x 270ml Options + Anti Colic bottles
  • 2 x 150ml Options + Anti Colic bottles
  • 5 x Level 1 teats
  • 2 x Level 2 teats
  • 2 x Level 3 teats
  • Bottle brush
  • 2 x storage/travel caps
  • 3 x Vent Cleaning brush
  • Instructions

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