Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

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The award-winning Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow boasts a unique patented design with dual function; supports you and your feeding baby. The Dreamgenii pregnancy and feeding pillow is versatile, you will only need to purchase one pillow to help you through a comfortable, safe pregnancy. This pregnancy support pillow promotes a healthy blood flow between the mother and baby and can be used throughout pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

Dreamgenii aids restful sleep when pregnant and a comfortable feeding pillow once the baby is born. This pregnancy pillow helps you achieve optimal foetal positioning which can lead to a shorter and less painful labour.

The unique shape of Dreamgenii promotes sleep on the mothers’ left-hand side, whilst the gentle back support discourages rolling onto her back during the night and the leg support is designed to take the pressure off the tummy and back whilst asleep. When used from the 20-week mark in pregnancy the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow helps to position the baby which may contribute to a quicker, less painful labouring experience.

While it is recommended that the mother sleeps on her left-hand side during pregnancy, it is unrealistic to achieve this optimum positioning all the time. The Dreamgenii maternity pillow allows the mother to switch sides during the night without having to alter the position of the pregnancy pillow

The Dreamgenii support pillow can also be used as a feeding pillow once your baby arrives.  Dreamgenii pillow can help lift baby up into the right position making feeding comfortable for both you and baby. When used for feeding baby, the leg support of the Dreamgenii fits into the small of the mothers back and the tummy support cradles the baby, providing the optimum support for both mum and baby.

The Dreamgenii pregnancy support and feeding pillow has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of women around the world and is recommended by Midwives. 9 out of 10 women recommend the Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow.


  • Awards for its design and practicality
  • Suitable for use from as soon as sleep issues arise, right through to feeding and beyond
  • Designed for uninterrupted, comfortable & optimal sleeping position
  • Provide support & comfort to the back, baby bump and knees
  • If used from around 20 weeks can help to encourage optimal foetal positioning
  • May help in reducing the length & intensity of labour
  • Supports left-hand side positioning which promotes blood flow between you & baby
  • Can be used as a support for breastfeeding once the baby has arrived
  • Comes with a removable, machine washable cover
  • Spare Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow covers are available separately
  • All Dreamgenii products are ethically made
  • Dimensions:44L x 35W x 14H cm 

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