Grobag Sleepbag Abstract Animal (0.2 Tog) By Tommee Tippee

Grobag Sleepbag Abstract Animal (0.2 Tog) By Tommee Tippee

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This Tommee Tippee sleep bag is a new safety-approved sleep bag that is reassuringly snug on top but with plenty of legroom so they can stretch out.

All our sleep bags are designed to be hip-healthy, with touchably soft, cotton-rich, fluorescent free fabrics and a wide range of togs to suit any room temperature, so a comfy night’s sleep is pretty much guaranteed. 6-18m is suitable for children 18-25lbs 

With accurate TOG ratings, our sleep bags will help keep your baby at the right temperature no matter how much they wriggle about.

Baby sleep bags can help babies sleep better because, with no loose blankets or sheets to get tangled up in or kick off while they’re sleeping, they help little ones regulate their temperature when sleeping, so they are less likely to be disturbed by being too hot or too cold.

Safer sleep is better sleep and preventing babies from overheating is an important part of safer sleep. Our sleep bags are available in four different togs (warmth ratings) so that you can dress your baby safely for room temperature:

  • 3.5 Tog: ideal for cold winter months and for cold rooms below 14°C
  • 2.5 Tog: suitable for use all year round and for room temperatures between 14-20°C
  • 1.0 Tog: ideal for use in warmer months or in rooms with temperatures between 20-24°C.
  • 0.2 Tog: ideal for heatwaves, hot weather and very warm rooms with temperatures above 24°C

Please refer to the What to Wear guide on the back of the packaging to ensure you dress your baby in the correct clothing under our sleep bags.


• 85% of babies sleep longer in sleep bags - more sleep for baby and you
• No sleep bag is safer – safety tested and approved
• No loose bedding – baby sleep bags help little ones regulate their temperature while sleeping by making sure there are no blankets or sheets for them to kick-off
• Easy nappy changes – an easy zip opening that’s perfect for night-time nappy changes, meaning you can keep baby cosy and warm at the top but can unzip from the bottom for a quick-change
• Safer sleep is better sleep - All products have been safety tested and approved giving you reassurance and your baby a comfortable safe night’s sleep. Baby sleep bags are proven to be safer than loose bedding
• Size guide – two sizes available 6-18m or 18-36m

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