Houdini lock

Houdini lock

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A Houdini lock is the latest revolution and a real must for a busy mums nappy bag. The Houdini locks are amazing and have many uses and have even been described as the swiss army mum's device. Do you often wish you have a clip that could mend or make a quick solution to many small problems. Here is your solution! With Houdini Clips you will always have "just the thing" you will need to solve many problems while you are out and about or at home. Just pop some in your purse or pocket

The Houdini locks can be used to repair a broken or unsticky nappy tab, hold a piece of cloth for an emergency bib, keep a shade/ blanket on a stroller hood or car window. You can even add a piece of ribbon to make a pacifier clip or keep your duvet inner correctly inside its cover. The Houdini locks can be used for just about anything. The Houdini locks are simple and effective, you simply push up the black retainer and pop the clip on over the tab then squeeze the Houdini lock shut and push down the black retainer to lock it into place.


  • Pack of 6
  • A real must-have for busy mums
  • Have many uses 
  • Simple and effective to use
  • Can be used at home or when on the go

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