Lamaze Mini Clip & Go Walla Walla Koala

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The Lamaze Mini Clip & Go Walla Walla Koala is visually stimulating with vibrant colours and contrasting patterns. This adorable on-the-go toy has unexpected crinkles and unique textures for the baby to discover. The squeaker and clinking rings stimulate the baby to grasp the object, which improves both auditory and tactile skills, designed to be easy to hold for small hands. The Lamaze on-the-go clip attaches to strollers, carriers, and diaper bags for convenient enjoyment on the go.


  • It's jam-packed with features to keep your child entertained
  • Your infant will enjoy exploring the crinkle sounds, patterns, and textures
  • A squeaker chime and a peekaboo mirror are included
  • It aids in the development of both auditory and tactile skills
  • During playtime, it provides visual stimulation
  • Any backpack, pram, pushchair, stroller, crib, car seat, or playmat can be linked to the clip

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