Lamaze play and grow tilly twinklewings

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Lamaze play and grow tilly twinklewings unicorn toy has lots of developmental features to capture baby's imagination. The bright, bold colours and patterns on tilly twinklewings will stimulate baby's vision and bring sparkle to their carseat or buggy with link attachment. The Lamaze tilly twinklewings has clip-clop hooves that make fun trotting noises for baby. 

A new girly addition to the Lamaze play and grow range with a multicolour tail and mane, tilly twinklewings has shiny and crinkly wings for baby to play with.


  • Soft toy with link for ataching to baby's buggy or carseat.
  • Stimulates baby's vision with patterns and colours
  • Multicolour Tail and Mane
  • Clip Clop Hooves make trotting noise for baby
  • Shiny, Crinkly Wings

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