Lascal buggy board maxi plus

Lascal buggy board maxi plus

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Lascal buggy board maxi plus attaches to more than 99% of pushchairs, prams and strollers. The Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi Plus is an ideal solution for that little problem you might have when taking one child out in the stroller and another walking along with tired little legs.

With Easy-Fit Connectors, built-in suspension, large wheels and a large anti-slip platform, the Buggy Board Maxi Plus is strong, durable and handles different terrains effortlessly. The Buggy Board maxi plus can even be used with or without the Saddle seat; the Saddle can fold down and out of the way when your toddler prefers to stand. 

With both comfort and practicality in mind, the advanced design of the Buggy board maxi plus makes it simple to attach (no tools needed!), ensures a steady ride for every journey, and can be easily folded up and away when not in use this unique parenting gadget is a must-have for growing families. It even saves you money by eliminating the need for a double pushchair!


  • Suitable from 12 months+

  • Works with more than 99% of pushchairs, prams or strollers

  • For children aged 2-5 years (up to 20kg)

  • No tools required, can be fitted in seconds with unique Easy-Fit connectors (included)

  • Gives you the option to fit a saddle, giving your little one a place to rest their feet

  • Large anti-slip platform with built-in suspension for a smooth ride

  • Can be easily removed when not in use

  • Large wheels make the Maxi BuggyBoard easy for you to walk behind


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