Mary Meyer Afrique Elephant Musical Soft Toy

Mary Meyer Afrique Elephant Musical Soft Toy

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Afrique Elephant Musical soft toy features neutral grey and white fabrics in textures we love.  The expanded palette makes Afrique work even better with wood floors and accessories.

Afrique Elephant Features:

  • 10″ long, 5″ high musical elephant made from beautifully soft, textured plush.
  • Wind up to play, “Minuet No. 1” by Bach.
  • Embroidered eyes.
  • Light grey and white striped ear liners. Surface wash. Air dry.
  • Super soft & fluffy
  • All toys should be laid flat to air dry

  • After drying, brush or “fluff”, and ask if they enjoyed the ride

  • CLEANING (vintage toys, those with a sound box inside, metallic details, and long pile fabric):
    These toys should not be fully submerged
    Dampen a cloth with water and mild soap
    Wash the surface of your toy lovingly
    Allow to air dry and then brush or “fluff” the toy

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