Medela Cooler bag with baby bottles

Medela Cooler bag with baby bottles

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The Medela cooler bag keeps breast milk cool and safe, wherever you need to take it. The Medela cooler bag comes with 4 Medela baby bottles and a contoured ice pack that is specially designed for Medela bottles and maximises breast milk storage time.

The insulation on the inside of the Medela cooler bag will keep your expressed breast milk cool for longer. The shaped cooling element can be put in the freezer overnight and will keep the milk cool for several hours. Ideal for use when on holiday or out and about.


Ideal for transporting breast milk

Keeps your expressed milk cool and safe

Includes 4 Medela 150 ml breastmilk bottles

BPA-free bottles safe for you and your baby

Please note teats for bottles are sold separately

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