Medela Swing Flex Breastpump

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The Medela Swing Flex is an ideal electric breast pump for breastfeeding mums who want to share feeding with a partner, get out for an appointment, or simply take a break.

The Swing Flex is ideal for quick, efficient expression whenever you need it.


  • Shaped around you - Every mum is different. Your breast shape is unique and can change throughout your breastfeeding journey. The new PersonalFit Flex breast shield, can easily adapt the way your Medela breast pump fits to help you find the most comfortable, effective, position to express.
  • A more natural pumping experience - When your baby latches on, he sucks quickly at first to start the milk flow, then more slowly to feed. Medela 2-Phase Expression technology mimics these instinctive rhythms for a more natural-feeling and comfortable pumping experience.
  • Simple to operate, comfortable to use - Medela Swing has a very simple design and is extremely portable. It’s easy to assemble and take apart for cleaning so all parts can be sanitised quickly.
  • BPA Free

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