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Mr Wee

Mr. Wee lift the seat toilet trainer

Mr. Wee lift the seat toilet trainer

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The Mr Wee toilet seat trainer is a domestic solution to a worldwide domestic problem! Mr Wee lift the seat toilet trainer is a device which forces boys to lift the toilet seat in order to urinate and can be used as a training device for younger boys. Mr Wee lift the seat tab is fixed to the toilet seat upper rim creating a barrier across the seat. Mr Wee toilet trainer can be bent back onto itself if the user wishes to be seated!

The creators of Mr Wee are parents of four children of which three are boys. They designed this product with the aim of solving an everyday problem for many households! They can confirm that it is highly effective and works and Mr Wee solved their problem of wet toilet seats. Give it a try!!


  • Easy to install and remove with 3 different size fittings
  • Easy to clean, safe and hygienic
  • Recyclable
  • Highly effective
  • For boys from 3 years up
  • Comes in 2 fun designs
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