Munchkin Catch A Glowing Star Bath Toy

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Reach for the stars and illuminate the fun! Watch your little one's face light up with Catch a Glowing Star bath toy. Featuring three sweet (floating) stars and one netted hoop, these glow-in-the-dark bath toys make playtime wishes come true. After being exposed to light, the stars and hoop start glowing. Kids can use the glow-in-the-dark net to scoop floating stars or play bathtime basketball, just suction the hoop to the wall and "swish" upon a star! From developing hand-eye coordination to honing problem-solving skills, bath games are great for learning through play. Here's to a glowing good time!


  • Star themed glow in the dark bath toy set for toddlers
  • Toys glow in the dark after exposure to light
  • Scoop up stars or suction net to wall for a bathtime basketball game
  • Includes 3 floating stars and 1 hoop with net and suction
  • 12+ months

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