Nuk nasal decongester

Nuk nasal decongester

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The Nuk nasal decongester hygienically clears mucus from around baby's blocked, stuffy nose with ease. The nasal decongester from Nuk is here to ensure that your child doesn't suffer with a snotty, blocked nose when they get a cold.

The Nuk nasal decongester gently cleans baby's blocked nose, simply hold the nozzle up to one nostril, press the other nostril gently with your fingertip, squeeze the pump ball and gently reduce pressure, this will extract mucus from your baby's nose leaving them with a clear, snot free nose!


  • Hygienically clears mucus from baby’s blocked nose
  • Ensures baby doesn’t suffer with a blocked nose
  • Simple to use
  • Contains 1 Nuk nasal decongester and 1 spare nozzle
  • To clean: separate the pump ball and nozzle clean thoroughly hot soapy water or the Nuk baby bottle cleanser.
  • Do not sterilise in a steriliser as there is a risk that the decongester could explode

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