Nuk Vario Express Steam Steriliser

Nuk Vario Express Steam Steriliser

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The Nuk Vario express is an elegant and user-friendly baby bottle steam steriliser. The Nuk steam steriliser features 6 poles for easy sterilisation of bottles and a removable basket for smaller items such as teats and soothers. This Nuk baby bottle steriliser is extra safe as the unit automatically switches off once sterilisation is complete, indicated by the operating light switching off.


Sterilises up to 6 baby bottles, or 4 bottles and accessories, within 6 minutes (without heating phase).

For maximum convenience there is a removable basket for accessories and 6 bottle stands.

Modern, ergonomic design - elegant and user-friendly.

Includes: 1 bottle tongs, 1 accessories' basket, 1 grid and 6 bottle stands.

Safety elements: operating light and automatic switch-off.

BPA free.

Includes, Bottle tongs, accessories' basket, grid and 6 bottle stands.

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