Ortho Puzzle Orthopeadic Floor Mat  FIRST STEPS

Ortho Puzzle Orthopeadic Floor Mat FIRST STEPS

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Introducing the Orthopaedic massage mats Trade Mark "ORTHO PUZZLE" a registered medical product aimed at the correct formation of the feet, the prevention of flat feet, as well as improving the overall development of the child. The mats are modules which simulate different natural surfaces and are connected to each other according to the principle of «puzzle» with the aid of special lock-and-fastening.

What does "ORTHO PUZZLE" do?

According to statistics, by the time a child finishes school 70% suffer from plantar conditions, which subsequently has a negative impact on their health. The correct foot movement is formed from early childhood, under the influence of certain muscles especially while they navigate uneven surfaces. It is important to learn to walk on a verity of surfaces to aid the development of these foot muscles. Ortho Puzzle has replicated the real-world surface and made this possible. When children regularly practice on the mats, their feet form correctly independently.

The advantage of buying massage mats is that when you get them for your child, they can be used by other family members, regardless of age. Walking on these massage surfaces significantly improves all the functions of the foot, supports the development and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system, prevents deformation of the feet and joint strain.

The square colour puzzles are variable, they can be assembled according to your own ideas or the ideas of the child, which has a positive effect on the development of fine motor skills and colour differentiation. The diverse range of surfaces (differing in pattern and colour) will evoke a positive appetite for exercise in your children.

By walking on ORTHO PUZZLE massage mats, you provide acupuncture massage of the lower parts of the legs, which has a positive effect on blood circulation throughout the body. Some points of the foot have energy fields that show a direct connection with the relevant internal and external organs of our body. When massaging the feet, harmful substances are washed out of the body rather than without the massage, thus significantly strengthening the body's own protection/immunity.

  • UNIQUE COMBINED MODULES FOR BEST RESULTS – The Ortho Puzzle play mat’s versatility of texture and profile and alteration of soft and rigid surfaces helps stimulate all the necessary foot receptors responsible for the proper development of the physiological arches of the foot. Unlike any other orthopaedic play mat for kids, Ortho Puzzle’s interlocking tiles feature unique massage elements and can be combined to create individual orthopaedic mats that deliver optimal flat foot correction results
  • SENSORY PLAY MAT ENHANCES COGNITIVE & FINE MOTOR SKILLS – More than just a play mat! Ortho Puzzle’s brightly coloured modules contribute to the development of babies’, toddlers’ and kids’ colour perception and colour sensitivity. Furthermore, the puzzle mat’s assembly process promotes the development of the right brain and excellent motor skills, while its textured surface is ideal for sensory playtime, too.
  • NON-TOXIC, HYPOALLERGENIC, EU-CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE – The Orthopuzzle Orthopaedic Kids Play Mat conforms to EU Council Directive 93/42/EEC. It has passed all relevant clinical and toxicological investigations, gaining the status of a medical device. It’s FREE of toxic materials and is fully recyclable.
    Each module features functional elements that prevent slippage on smooth floors and is easy to clean with warm soapy water and store away in its original box.

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