Snuggle Me Infant Lounger Bare - Natural

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The Snuggle Me Infant Lounger is a unique lounging pad designed to hug your baby's full body. This snuggling sensation is highly effective at calming and comforting your baby. The Snuggle Me is a huge support tool for parents and provides an extra set of arms during the day when parents need to lay their baby down.


  • Suitable for babies from birth up to 9 months
  • The Infant Lounger is designed to curve around baby's back while pulling in around them to hug
  • Use for lounging, supervised rest, tummy time and more
  • Made with GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics and a hypoallergenic polyester fibre fill
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Never leave baby unsupervised and never use lounger in a crib or another sleep device
  • Baby loungers should not be used as co-sleeping devices due to the padded sides. Never place the loungers on soft or uneven surfaces
  • The product does not contain Flame Retardants, Ethylene Glycol, BPA's, Phthalates or Lead.
  • Ideal gift for a new mum

Even though you can use the Snuggle Me infant lounger without a cover, it is very convenient to have a cover on hand. Washing a cover is significantly easier than washing the entire lounger. Having a cover reduces the amount of wear and number of times the lounger will need to be washed. (Sold seperately)

Wash your lounger sparingly with cold water, mild detergent and with a gentle agitation. If using a dryer, use a cool temperature setting or air dry. Make sure to dry your lounger COMPLETELY before using again. To reduce washing, we recommend purchasing one of the removable covers.

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