Taggies Soft Toy

Taggies Soft Toy

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Taggies Dreamsicle Unicorn soft toy is an amazingly soft textured plush Toy that instantly soothes and comforts baby. Taggies soft toy is easy for baby to grab, hug, and explore. Taggies Dreamsicle Unicorn soft toy also has the ever popular vibrant satin tags to mesmerize little fingers as they rub together the pleasantly textured loops.

Taggies soft toy has bead-filled hooves which create a life-like weight and movement and the beautifully embroidered face warms the heart and inspires an enduring friendship. Taggies  soft toy can tag along with your little one wherever he or she goes.


  • Plush Toy with fun tags for little fingers to explore
  • Encourages sensory learning, tactile exploration, calmness
  • Cozy friendship inspires the mind and the senses
  • Ultra-soft textured plush body, gingham fabric ears and hooves
  • Bead-filled hooves provide realistic weight and movement
  • Beautifully embroidered face
  • 12 vibrant satin tags mesmerize little fingers as they rub loops together
  • Machine washable

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