Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini - Into The Forest

Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini - Into The Forest

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Uniquely designed Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini baby playmat is a 2-in-1 baby activity mat with adjustable arches. This Tiny Love playmat provides an adaptable environment for baby's continued growth and development.

The electronic bird toy on the Gymini deluxe baby play mat with engaging lights & music feedback can also be used as an adorable take-along toy. A selection of soft Into the Forest toys and various activities will keep baby engaged and happy for hours.

The Tiny Love Gymini has various features that have been carefully conceived to support babies 7 developmental wonders, including motor skills, visual and auditory cognition, and the senses.

The Tiny Love baby play gym’s colours, textures and sounds stimulate baby’s senses from the very first days. Your baby can try to reach out and bat at the fawn rattle or crinkly badger, or explore their own image in the mirror while practicing tummy time. When your baby is older, it's time to go on exploring the various features of the Tiny Love play mat in a more sophisticated way, playing with the electronic bird toy, enjoying the peek-a-boo game.


2 in 1 baby activity mat with adjustable arches

Helps with baby’s developmental stages

cute forest-themed toys and musical features to keep baby engaged & happy

Stimulating colours and textures

Ideal for Tummy time

Suitable from birth

Detachable toys for on the go fun

Soft fabric is gentle on baby

Captivating mirror encourages self-recognition & helps extend tummy time on the comfy play mat.

Your baby will be entertained as they learn important developmental milestones.

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