Tiny Love Spin n Kick Discovery Arch

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Tiny Love Spin ’n kick discovery arch is a uniquely designed dual-stage colourful baby buggy arch with stimulating activities for your baby’s hands and feet. The Tiny Love stroller arch reinforces self-discovery and cognitive development with a wide selection of fun features and toys: rotating rattling paddles, crinkly peek-a-boo book, puppy rattle and more. With its two adjustable arches, your baby will always be entertained with the Tiny Love spin n kick discovery arch.

 Thanks to its universal connector, this Tiny Love stroller arch easily attaches to your pushchair, carrycot and baby car seat. Once installed, the arches can bend forward and backward towards the baby's hand and feet, allowing parents to moderate the level of stimulation within the baby’s field of vision and adjust toys to the baby’s age.

 The Spin ’n’ Kick Discovery Arch includes fun, colourful toys that are appropriate for stimulating a baby's vision during the first three months. From three to six months the Tiny Love arch helps your baby experiment with the hand and feet paddles and begin to understand cause and effect. Gradually, a baby will learn to control their movements and move the paddles and dangling toys as they please.


  • Uniquely designed dual-stage colourful baby buggy arch
  • Suitable from birth to approximately 12 months
  • Two flexible arches uniquely designed
  • Stimulating activities for babies hands and feet
  • Reinforces self-discovery and cognitive development
  • Includes rotating rattling paddles, crinkly peek-a-boo book, puppy rattle
  • Universal connector for easy attachment to strollers, carrycot and baby carriers

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