Tommee Tippee Ollie The Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid

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Ollie the Owl is a cuddly baby sleep aid with soft lights, soothing sounds and gentle lullabies. And any cot toy that helps your baby sleep soundly will help you get some much-needed rest too!

Soothing Sounds
Choose heartbeats, rainfall, white noise or lullabies to soothe baby to sleep. The white noise setting helps soothe your baby with sounds similar to those heard in the womb. This Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl Sleep Aid cot toy has adjustable volume controls to suit your child.

Night Light
The heart-shaped nightlight has 3 brightness levels, so you can dim down as bedtime approaches. Ollie the Owl’s gentle glow won’t disturb your baby’s sleep and automatically switches off after 30 minutes to save energy.

If you activate the CrySensor, Ollie the Owl will listen out for baby through the night. If they cry or stir, your chosen sound will automatically play for 20 minutes to help comfort and settle baby. The CrySensor will listen for 3 hours, then automatically switch off if not activated.

When fully charged, this Tommee Tippee sleep aid should last 25 hours on the highest energy use or 75 hours on the lowest energy level.


  • Plays white noise, heartbeats, rainfall and 3 lullabies
  • Nightlight with 3 brightness settings
  • CrySensor technology triggers soothing sounds
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Velcro loop for on the go
  • USB rechargeable power pack

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