Tommee Tippee Penguin 2in1 Portable Night Light

Tommee Tippee Penguin 2in1 Portable Night Light

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He looks adorable on your baby’s bedside, and this clever penguin is the perfect night time friend. His gentle dimmable light helps your little one understand the difference between day and night time and settle down for some sleep. Once your baby is 18 months old, the portable light is just the right size for little hands to use as a guiding light for night time bathroom trips or a story under the covers.


• 2-in-1 nursery light - use from birth as a night light, to give a soft, reassuring glow and from 18 months and up your child can pick up and use as a portable light • Portable light – glowing light and soft tactile silicone is ideal for little hands to carry

• Dimmable light – dimmable nightlight give a soft bedtime glow that won’t disturb your child’s sleep

• Encourages independent sleep – helps children learn to settle back to sleep. Learning how to fall asleep and resettle after waking is the foundation of a lifetime of restful sleep. This 2 in 1 Penguin night light provides a comforting glow and reassuring portable light to help your child settle and return to sleep.

• No batteries needed - portable light recharges on its Penguin base which is powered by a USB cable. Lasts 10 hours when fully charged

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