Uppababy Travel Bag

Regular price €119.95

The Uppababy travel bag fits your Uppababy Vista stroller so you can travel with ease with your family. Protecting your baby buggy is easy with the Uppababy travel bag. You can roll the bag along with the buggy wheels exposed or carry it like a duffle bag with wheels packed inside.

This Uppababy travel bag is made from durable luggage grade material and includes a padded pocket for your bumper bar. The travel bag can be used for the Uppababy Vista or Uppababy Cruz and can be rolled up for easy storage and travel.

By registering your Uppababy travel bag online with Uppababy’s TravelSafe program you will be covered for any damage incurred to your Vista or Cruz during air travel.


  • Suitable for use with Uppababy Vista or Cruz
  • Made from durable, luggage-grade fabric
  • Includes padded pocket for bumper bar
  • Can be rolled up for easy storage and travel
  • Can be pulled along or carried
  • Includes option TravelSafe Program to cover accidental air travel damage



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