Vicks Mini Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

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The Vicks Mini Cool Mist humidifier releases cool, visible mist into the air to help ease of breathing and allowing you to get a good night sleep. This small-size ultrasonic humidifier is ideal for use in a child's bedroom and is totally safe to use around children, as the cool mist technology eliminates risks of burns. Use with VapoPads for added soothing vapours.

Humidifiers and essential oils (like scented VapoPads) can help you and your family stay healthy during the cold and dry season. The right humidity level helps easy breathing leading to a more comfortable and restful sleep. Reduction of viruses survival so less opportunity for germs to spread to the other members of your family promoting all-round health. Maintaining a humidity level between 40-60 per cent can reduce the survival of viruses.


  • Use VapoPads together with the humidifier for additional soothing vapours; diffusing essential oils of menthol and eucalyptus while humidifying.
  • Suitable for room size 15m²
  • Ultrasonic humidification
  • 1.8 L water tank
  • Visible water level
  • Auto shut-off
  • Variable control
  • 40 decibels - quiet operation
  • Size H24, W21.7, D20.7cm
  • 1.83m cord length
  • 21 watts
  • Low energy consumption.

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