Vital Baby Nourish Store & Wean Pots x4

Vital Baby Nourish Store & Wean Pots x4

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Perfectly sized in 120ml portions for weaning and snacking. Vital Baby pots allow you to prepare homemade food and snacks and store them in the fridge or freezer, ready for use. The soft bases make it easy and quick to remove frozen food from the pot. Simply press and pop into your bowl to defrost in the microwave or defrost and feed directly from the pot

Secure lids are fully leakproof to ensure that food is safely stored and kept fresh and ready for serving. The stackable design keeps them stored neatly in the fridge or freezer


  • 120ml 
  • perfectly sized for weaning and snacks
  • soft bases and sides to pop out food easily
  • design to stack and store neatly
  • leak-proof lids
  • BPA, Latex & Phthalate free

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