Zazu Portable Baby Soother

Zazu Portable Baby Soother

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The Zazu Portable Baby Soother Helps your baby fall asleep by playing one of the 6 soothing melodies: Shushing, heartbeat, white noise, Lounge, Ocean and lullabies.

SSHHH….SHHHH  Doctor proven technique that helps baby to stop crying. The sound mimic’s environment in the mother’s womb.

6 Soothing melodies-  Play soothing melodies while dropping off to sleep: shushing, heartbeat sound, white noise, ocean sound, lounge music or lullabies.

Auto shut-off-  The sound will automatically shut off after 20 minutes.

Choose your own volume- Set the volume to your preferred level.

Take alongCan be attached to the crib, carseat or stroller.

Cry sensor- The sound will automatically activate when your baby starts crying.

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